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  • 11月16日场雅思口语考题预测

    ? 本次预测针对于11月16日笔试场雅思考试的口语试题。


    ? 预测包含两个方面:80%中的口语大范围题库(P1+P2)+超高频的口语考题(P1+P2附高分参考答案)


    ? 因为口语题库全球通用的,因此该预测适用于大陆、亚太等所有考区



    Part 1




    Amusement park







    Where you do live



    Visiting hometown

    Going out







    Time management

    Family activities



    Rainy day




    Visit relatives


    Borrowing/ lending





    Social Network

    Part 2

    Describe a person who is good at his/her job

    Describe a famous people in history you would like to meet

    Describe a person who often travels by plane

    Describe someone you would like to study or work with

    Describe a singer or band that you like

    Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions

    Describe a foreign star that you would like to meet

    Describe a friend or a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal

    Describe a person who speak foreign language well

    Describe someone you would like to become

    Describe a person who made you laugh happily when you were a child. 

    Describe an interesting conversation you had with a stranger 

    Describe an experience that you visited a friend

    Describe a time you were tired but had to stay awake.

    Describe a time that you didn’t tell the truth about something to your friend

    Describe an occasion when you celebrated your achievement

    Describe a happy day you spent before

    Describe an occasion you met someone for the first time

    Describe a boring time you felt with others

    Describe a free day when you did not need to study or work

    Describe an experience that you won a prize

    Describe an occasion that you borrowed something from friends or family members

    Describe a time that you had to change your plan/you changed your mind.

    Describe the information that was incorrect that you got

    Describe a time you received a call from somebody you don’t know in the public 

    Describe a time that you invited family or friends to have dinner at home or in a restaurant

    Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time.

    Describe a park or garden you visited and liked.

    Describe a time you visited a place with friends. 

    Describe a time the vehicle you were travelling in broke down. 

    Describe an unusual vacation you had.

    Describe a time you solved a problem online.

    Describe a time you taught something new to a younger person. 

    Describe a popular product (e.g. food, handcarft.) made in your region.

    Describe a product or application which is based on artificial intelligence

    Describe a piece of software you use often

    Describe a film you would like to share with your friends

    Describe a toy you got in your childhood

    Describe a tv program you liked when you were little

    Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work

    Describe a picture or a photo in your home

    Describe an indoor game you enjoyed playing

    Describe a sky you would like to see

    Describe a water sports you would like to try in the future

    Describe a quiz program or game show on TV

    Describe a time that you got up early in the morning

    Describe an advertisement that left you a deep impression

    Describe a prize you would like to win

    Describe a practical skill you know

    Describe something that you brought home from a tourist attraction

    Describe a lifestyle that you think is good

    Describe a piece of clothing you often wear. 

    Describe a time you gave advice to others.

    Describe something you do to help you study or work. 

    Describe an important plant in your country

    escribe something lost by others but found by you.

    Describe a school you went to in your childhood

    Describe a city you once went to with your family

    Describe a place where you read and write (not your home)

    Describe a place you remember well that is full of colors

    Describe a new public place you would like to visit

    Describe a historical building



    Part 1(按考频高到低)



    1. What do you major in?

    2. Are you happy with the subject you are studying in?

    3. What have you learned in your area of studies?



    1. Where do you work?

    2. What kind of job do you do?

    3. What have you learned from your job?



    Amusement park

    1. Do you like amusement parks?

    2. How often do you go to amusement parks?

    3. What do you usually do at amusement parks?



    1. How often do you eat with your family?

    2. Do you like eating healthy food?

    3. Do you eat out a lot?

    4. Do you prefer eating at home or at a restaurant?


    1. Who do you trust most?

    2. Have you ever lost trust in someone?

    3. What kind of people do you trust?

    4. Do you trust artificial intelligence?


    Where you live

    1. Which town or city do you live in?

    2. What do you dislike about the place you live?

    3.  Are you going to move in the near future?

    Going out

    1. How often do you go out with friends?

    2. Who do usually want to go out with?

    3. Where do you like to go to when you go out with friends?

    4. Do you like to go out with a big group or just few friends?


    1. How often do you go on vacation? 

    2. Do you want a long or short vacation?

    3. What was the most exciting thing you experienced in a trip?

    4. Tell me about your dream vacation.


    Part 2(按考频高到低)

    Describe a famous people in history you would like to meet

    You should say:

    Who this person is

    How you knew this person

    What this person did in history

    And explain why you want to meet


    Describe an experience that you visited a friend 

    Where you visited him or her 

    What you did 

    Why you visited him or her

    And how you felt about it 


    Describe a singer or band that you like 

    You should say:

    Who the singer is 

    When you knew him or her

    What he did 

    And explain why you like the singer/ the band


    Describe a good experience of online shopping

    You should say:

    when it happened

    What you bought

    Why you bought it

    And explain why you think it was a good experience





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